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Modification Your Car

Premium Car Repair

Give a damn look to the exterior and interior of your car and make that a pleasant to your eyes.

  • Software Diagnosis Services
  • ECM Repair Code Programming
  • BCM Repair Code Programming


Ceramic Coating

Colors make difference and our expert painters can give your car a whole new look

  • Exterior Ceramic Coating
  • Interior Ceramic Coating
  • Windshield Ceramic Coating
  • Exterior Fiber Trims
  • Paint Protection
  • Laser Scratch Repair
  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Restoration
  • Paint less Dent Repair PDR

Car Body Shop

Repairing is not a layman’s task. It needs string technical knowledge and expert hands.

  • Bumper Repair & Restoration
  • Heat Chamber Car Painting
  • Polishing & Cleaning
  • Body Rust Repair Works
  • Rust Treatment
  • Scratch Repair
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Paint less Dent Repair
  • Car Detailing

Wiring & Electricals

Be it any petty electrical or be it any wiring issue, we can fix it all after careful diagnostics.

  • Car Wiring Repair
  • Car Electronics Repair
  • Diagnosis Scanning Services
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Wiring Preventive Measure Services
  • Airbag Wiring Repair
  • Air Matic Suspension Repair
  • Gear Box Wiring Repair
  • POwer Steering Wiring Repair
  • Power Window Wiring Repair
  • Sunroof Wiring Repair
  • Fusebox Repair
  • ABS Wiring Repair

Software Diagnosis

Software throttles car hardware. Any kind of software issue is solved here.

  • Software Scanning
  • Software Code Programming
  • Module Code Programming
  • Car Diagnosis Report
  • Car Signal Communication Diagnosis
  • Car Electrical Wiring Diagnosis
  • Car Adaptation & Programming
  • Car Software Code Programming
  • Car Coding Language Programming
  • Car Modules Relearn Programming

Car Detailing

If you’re not satisfied anywhere then come to us for best in car detailing service

  • Car Interior Cleaning Services
  • Car Upholstery Services
  • Car Wash & Spa
  • Car Steam Cleaning
  • Car Paint Correction
  • Car Paint Restoration
  • Car Care & Maintenance
  • Car Seat Cleaning Service
  • Car Ceramic Coating Service
  • Car Leather Seat Cleaning
  • Car Scratch Removal Service
  • Car Dent Repair Service
  • Car Windshield Glass Cleaning
  • Leather Seat Restoration


Bringing back the beauty of the car, let us fix your car.

  • Car Broken Glass Replacement
  • Car Rear Windshield Replacement
  • Car Glass Polishing
  • Glass Tinting
  • Luxury Car Glass Replacement
  • Car Glass Scratch Repair


Our locksmiths can help you before you know it. We are local, fast and reliable.

  • New Car Key Adding
  • Car key Mechanic Expertise
  • Car Lost Key Solution
  • Car Key Code Programming
  • Car Key Making Service
  • Car Lock Repair Service
  • Car Central Lock Repair Service
  • Car Smart Car Repair
  • Car Key Learning Services
  • Car Remote Key Repair Services
  • Car Antenna Repair Services
  • Car Ignition key repair Services


Better Battery for the best Journey is possible if you choose it fast, get it fast.

  • Car Battery Services
  • Car Battery Replacement

Routine Service

Stop compromising, start exploring. 24/7 and 365 days, always available for your car.


Proper and regular tyre service ensures its optimum working condition and efficiency.

Buy & Sell

Not Available Right Now. This Service is Coming Soon!

Fineline car detailing services with optimum care. Our expert team can handle professional detailing. 11 Motors is specialized in car detailing.

Car Painting Bodyshop

Fineline car detailing services with optimum care. Our expert team can handle professional detailing. 11 Motors is specialized in car detailing.